Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid, Re Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid in my opinion

A week ago. I'm looking for information on the Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid

SMOKE FLUID 2OZ. Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

All was well with the fluid smoke ... It worked well with a few drops in the engine and lasted for a fair amount of running time . by Eugene Modic

I chose the Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid because I had little to no problems with its powdery residue around the edge of the stack. by perrymason1955

Now we are ready for Christmas The product arrived in a timely manner and it was as described and provided. Great since there are no stores trains in our small town . by Melissa R. Smith

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