Monday, November 24, 2014

Review IDL Motors GS-100 Ghost Nano Express Train Set

A several days before. I search for information on the IDL Motors GS-100 Ghost Nano Express Train Set, so i have to tell.

IDL Motors GS-100 Ghost Nano Express Train

IDL Motors GS-100 Ghost Nano Express Train Set

Since 1951 IDL specialized in manufacturing air filtration systems used for defense against nuclear biological and chemical (NBC) weapons. These air filtration systems included an air moving device such as an electric fan or blower which produced a significant amount of air volume at high static pressure. Then IDL Motors engineers have incorporated several designs of very special thin and ultra thin motors (radial and linear) to work alongside the radial or any linear moving device. As of today all company products are novel smaller in size and higher in efficiency then their predecessors. For the near future using the significant experience and know-how in revolutionary new electric motors (radial and linear) integrated in ... Read more

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